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Between Dankook University and California State University,San Bernadino & Between Dankook University and Madonna University in MI


I).Between Dankook University and California State University-San Bernadino (CSUSB)

TOBA Center developed a MA Education/TESL program that could be completed in 1-year. This program was offered to Dankook University by CSUSB and as a result, TOBA Center was able to successfully sign a Memorandum of Agreement with CSUSB and Dankook University. TOBA Center, CSUSB and Dankook University entered into Statement of Cooperation and as noted below, the Representatives of Dankook University and CSUSB signed onto the MA/TESL program.


(left photo) (from r to l) :Saejoong Kim, President of Social Education Institute Korea, Dias Lico, Dean of TESOL Graduate school,

Choongsik Jang, Chairman of Board of Directors,Dankook University,Linda Chaffee, Director of International Dept, Youngjae Lim,

Dean of Graduate school, Dankook University, Jong Jin Moon, Senior President of the TOBA Center

(right photo): Ms. Linda Chaffee, Director,California State University,SB visited the president’s office of Dankook University, South Korea


II).Between Dankook University and Madonna University in MI

★ TOBA developed Master of Science in Hospice program. Dankook University and Madonna University made an agreement for collaborative program for Master of Science in Hospice. Dankook University is one of the most competitive universities in South Korea. It’s a big school in South Korea with number of students about 26,000.


Right to Left: Youngjae Lim, Dean of Dankook

Graduate school, Sister Mary Francilene, President

of Madonna University, Choongsik Jang, Chairman

of Dankook University's board of Directors, Ernest

Nolan, Vice President of Madonna University,

Jong Jin Moon,Senior President TOBA Center.


★ The President of the Madonna University revisited the presidential office of Dankook University to develop a new collaborative program between Madonna University and Dankook University.


Right to Left: Ernest Nolan,Provost & Vice President

of Madonna University, Sister Rose Marie Kujawa,

CSSF, President of Madonna University, Kihong Kwon,

President of Dankook University, and Jonathan Swift,

Director of International Department.


*The President, Vice President, and Dean from foreign universities who visited TOBA center were their positions at that time.

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