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TOBA : A Leader in International Education Programs with live Interactive Satellite Broadcast System


TOBA developed live interactive satellite broadcast system for transmitting broadcast materials to multiple locations which was installed by Korea Telecom (former name: KTA), one of communication affiliates of Korean government.

The major TV broadcasting companies in Korea including KBS TV, MBC TV, and EBS TV reported TOBA as a leader in international education programs with new satellite broadcast technology. Parsons the New School for Design and TOBA signed an exclusive partnership agreement to effectively carry out Parsons's degree programs for TOBA students in South Korea.


Dean Olton visited TOBA more than ten times and conducted admission interviews for many students at TOBA. More than 100 students applied each year for study abroad program at Parsons’s campus in NY. The joint effort of Parsons and TOBA has led to this successful program which many students benefited. Moreover, Dean Olton and professors at Parsons sent many letters of appreciation for the outstanding students at TOBA.


The mutual cooperative agreement included following:
1 TOBA and Parsons open Parsons design and English training classes in Seoul.
2 Waiver of TOEFL & SAT requirements for admission of TOBA students.
3 Parsons enroll only qualified students after Parsons’s staff have interviewed all the TOBA students at TOBA seminar room in Seoul.
4 Parsons and TOBA run all classes together.
5 TOBA high quality lecturers to Korea to teach design and other academic program classes.
6 The students who have successfully completed the Parsons academic programs in South Korea could get into Parsons.
7 TOBA agreed to cooperate on education programs between Parsons and Samsung.


TOBA represents the only exclusive partnership with Parsons the New School of Design in South Korea. TOBA recommended the formation of new partnership between Samsung and Parsons the New School of Design. As a result of this collaborative effort Parson's program were offered at Design School at Gangnam, Seoul which Samsung established.


Annual Events at TOBA

TOBA conducts Advanced Live Interactive Satellite Education Programs every year. This program is offered to Korean companies, universities, and high schools. Conduct Informal Discussion every year at Korean universities, high schools, and institutions interested in study abroad programs.


Annual Recruitment for new & transfer students fall semester on January winter semester on July. TOBA will successfully prepare language training, and prerequisite courses such as general education, and other needed. Annual farewell reception for students accepted to American universities.


Establishment of TESOL Master's Degree with South Korea Universities. 

Establishment of TESOL Master's degree with California State University -San Bernadino


TOBA in the Media

TOBA’s live interactive satellite education program was presented in:

National broadcasting stations: KBS TV, EBS TV

Commercial broadcasting stations:MBC TV, MBC Radio

Newspapers: Chosun Daily, Dong A Daily, Korea Daily, World Daily and Dae Han Daily.


Establish ART Language School in Seoul



Korean Art Language Instruction KIT

Through a partnership between TOBA Center and Parsons School of Design in New York City, the Art Language School was founded. The Art Language School was created to prepare Korean students for their studies at Parsons School of Design in New York City, and has done so successfully through the carefully planned curriculum designed by both Parsons and TOBA Center. In Seoul, twice a year, both groups participate in the selection of the Korean students who are to study at Parsons School of Design in New York City. Charles S. Olton, Dean of Parsons the New School of Design handed the curriculum and teaching materials to the TOBA's Art Language School.


(l to r) Jong-jin Moon, Senior President TOBA Center, Olton, Dean Parsons the New Schol of Design,


Partnership with Pratt Institute, New York

From the most competitive design and art schools in the U.S., Thomas Schutte who is the president of Pratt Institute and Charles S. Olton who is the dean of Parson School of Design visited TOBA and had informal discussion with TOBA students who are admitted to the schools.


Informal discussion with Parsons New School Design and Pratt Institute in Seoul.


Photo(r to l): Thomas Schutte, President of Pratt Institute,

Charles S. Olton, Dean Parson School of Design,

Jong Jin Moon, Senior President TOBA Center SG Jo,

President TOBA Computer Art & Design School


Established of Computer Art & Design School


Cooperation with University of Technology,Sydney

Partnership was formed between University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) and TOBA. Geoffrey Caban, Dean and Faculty of Design UTS, and Professor Desmond Freman, Head School of Design UTS, visited TOBA and had an informal discussion. Also, they interviewed TOBA students and admitted many students to their school. 


Photo(l.to r.) : Caban Dean University ofTechnology Sydney, 

Desmond Freeman Associate Dean UTS, SG JO 

President TOBA Computer Art & Design School.


TOBA's Online Degree Programs

We are the leader for Online Degree Programs in South Korea. TOBA is one of the most competitive institutes in South Korea that offers online program, with around 1,000 students registered to this program.TOBA's website with around 1,000 students registered is available here:






Cooperation with Samsung


Partnership between Parsons the New School of Design and Samsung

TOBA represents the only exclusive partnership with Parsons the New School of Design in South Korea. TOBA recommended the formation of new partnership between Samsung and Parsons the New School of Design. As a result of this collaborative effort Parson's program were offered at Design School at Gangnam, Seoul , South Korea which Samsung established.


Offer Education Programs

TOBA conducted Business English Programs and Live Interactive Satellite Education Programs for the Samsung employees. The participants claimed that this Live

Interactive Satellite Program was a great and valuable experience.


Corporation with TOBA and Samsung

TOBA is also very proud of having worked together with Samsung (the biggest company in Korea) to kick off this satellite education programs.

The live interactive satellite broadcast system equipment was installed at Samsung’s Gwa-Chun satellite station.


Samsung assisted TOBA in starting the first live interactive satellite broadcasting program at Shinsung University(SU). More than 100 students, president and professors of Shinsung University, attended and Dr. Matthew Schure, president of New York Institute of Technology successfully conducted the program over our new live interactive satellite TV broadcast technology systems.


Our cooperation with Samsung could make it possible that TOBA offered the wonderful program to the universities and companies in Korea.

Partnership with New York Institute of Technology, Yongsan High School in Seoul,and TOBA


TOBA established partnership agreement with Yongsan Public High School for TOBA's International

Education Programs. Dr. Shure, President of New York Institute of Technology visited Yongsan High

School and signed MOU with Yongsan High school Principal to cooperate on Live Satellite Education



Cooperation with California State University, San Bernardino:
Offer International Education program to high schools in Korea

TOBA made partnership agreement with Jinseon Girls' High School to participate in TOBA International Education Programs.Director of Development of California State University, San Bernardino visited Jinseon Girls' High School in Seoul and signed MOU with Jinseon Girls' High School Principal to develop Satellite English Training Program.


TOBA Live Interactive Satellite TV International Education Programs In classroom of Jinseon Girls’ High School


TOBA: Premier Provider of Business English Training, International Business Program, and Live Interactive Satellite Broadcast Advanced Program to Big Companies in Korea

TOBA has been premier provider of English language training over the last 20 years in Korea with English and Business training. Also providing Advanced programs and MBA program using TOBA's Live Interactive Satellite Broadcast Advanced system. The unique teaching technology which TOBA has developed enhances effectiveness in teaching English. Our mission is to help individuals communicate more effectively to succeed in doing their businesses in the global market.


We have successfully given International education programs, business program, and English training to one of the biggest companies in Korea, various government agencies and Korean banks including names like Samsung Construction, Ltd., Hyundai Electronic, Ssangyong Motor, LG Construction, Renaissance Hotel in Seoul, Financial Telecommunications and Clearing Institute,SMIPC, Korean Institute for Defense Analysis and Bank of Woori.



The Hyundai staffs who completed the educational programs and received

the certificate at TOBA education center were taken for commemoration

with TOBA President (fourth from the right)


New York Institute of Technology (NYIT)


I. Online Degree Program

A professor of NYIT conducted live interactive satellite education program at NYIT campus and transmitted to TOBA satellite station in Korea. New York Institute of Technology in NY fully participated in TOBA’s international education programs. Dr. Matthew Schure, President of NYIT, offered an international degree program which TOBA students could earn degrees through TOBA's interactive live broadcast system.This special off-campus program made it possible that TOBA students earn Master’s Degrees in Business Administration (MBA), Computer Science, Communication Art and BA degrees without going to NYIT campus in NY.


II. Study Abroad Program

Students can also opt for study abroad programs at NYIT in which they actually go to New York campus of NYIT for their study. Many students at TOBA have studied and successfully graduated from this program.



Visit senior President Moon,TOBA Center to New York Institute of Technology Campus 


TOBA's Undergraduate Nursing Program

TOBA is one of the most competitive institutes in Korea, with around 8,000 students registered for admission to study abroad nursing programs at universities in the US.

TOBA's website with around 8,000 students registered is available here:


Cooperation with University of South Africa (UNISA)

TOBA established partnership with University of South Africa (UNISA), one of the biggest universities in the world with around 120,000 students.

UNISA is national university.


Prof Paul Steyn, Director of the Bureau of University Teaching at UNISA

hands a plaque to Mr. Jong Jin Moon,Senior President of TOBA Ceneter.






TOBA Broadcasted Madonna University's International Business Program to Stevenson, Franklin, and Churchill High School (all in Michigan) using Live Interactive Satellite Education Broadcast Program.

A professor at Madonna University conducted the live interactive satellite international business education program at Madonna campus, Michigan, and transmitted to TOBA satellite station in Korea. Madonna University in Michigan and three of high schools in US fully participated in TOBA’s international education programs. In this program experts whom TOBA recommended lectured. The experts were business expert professors and government PR officers from Korea. This program was broadcasted annually for five years at set time by MU. Sister Mary Francilene, President of Madonna, offered an international degree program which TOBA students could earn their degrees through the interactive live broadcast system of TOBA. This special off-campus program made it possible that TOBA students earned Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Administration by the online without going to Madonna University campus in Livonia, Michigan.


However, the tuition for the online degree program was equal to that of the study abroad program. The students of TOBA requested reduction in the tuition price for online degree program, which was declined by the MU. Thus, this program was discontinued only after three semesters.


(left) Studio being live broadcasted from Madonna University to TOBA Seoul,

(Center) Stevenson, Franklin, Churchill High Schools in Livonia, MI. (right) TOBA in Seoul.


Association with SMIPC

TOBA cooperated with SMIPC, affiliate of business companies, in TOBA international education program. Dr. Matthew Schure, President of NYIT had a meeting with Chairman of SMIPC and agreed to cooperate on this program during his visit to Korea. President of NYIT also gave the plaque to the Chairman of SMIPC.


Cooperation with University of Seoul, South Korea


TOBA cooperated with University of Seoul. Around 80 people consisting of students,

student council leaders, professors and director of University of Seoul gathered in

the audio visual room of University of Seouland participated in TOBA's Live Interactive

Satellite Broadcast System.


Association with California State University, Sonoma

Professor Hee Won Kang Ph.D of California State University, Sonoma gave a series of lectures on international education programs at Jinsun’s High School in Seoul. 



Partnership with Dankook University and CSU-San Bernadino

TOBA Center developed a MA Education/TESL program which could be completed in 1-year and successfully entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with CSUSB and Dankook University. TOBA Center, CSUSB and Dankook University entered into Statement of Cooperation and as noted below, the Representatives of Dankook University and CSUSB signed onto the MA/TESL program.


          Director and Dean of CSU-San Bernadino, visited President and Board of chairman of Dankook University,South Korea.


TOBA broadcasted interactive satellite education to several high schools and universities

TOBA established cooperative agreement with Superintendent of Educational affairs, Gyeonggi provincial government to offer direct interactive satellite education broadcast programs of TOBA to thirty high schools in the Bucheon province, Korea. All the high school students who attended the live interactive satellite programs really enjoyed.


The program was successfully conducted by couple of professors from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, and was broadcast live from IIT Satellite Station directly to TOBA Satellite station, and then to the high schools in Korea. There were more than 100 educators including principal, vice principal, English teachers in attendance.





Partnership with Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago


Partnership with Gyeonggi Commercial High School(Public)

With the request of Gyeonggi Commercial High School, TOBA conducted International Education Programs.


Dr.Kujaw,President of Madonna University visited Nam Ho Lee, Principal of Gyeonggi

Commercial High School.


Partnership with Troy University (Public Institute)

TOBA made partnership with Troy University (public institute)


Association with University of the Arts,London

John Mckenzie, Rector(President) of University of the Arts(London Institute), visited TOBA Center to discuss a strategic partnership on international educational programs



Cooperation with Bucheon-si City Office of Education (Government Agency)

TOBA collaborated with Bucheon-si City Office of Education and invited Principals, Vice Pricipals and teachers of the Bucheon-si high schools for seminar on TOBA's Live Interactive Satellite Education Program


Cooperation with Madonna University, and Yongin Songdam College


Right to Left: Ernest Nolan, Vice President of Madonna University, Sister Mary Fancilene,

President of Madonna University, Younghee Kim, President of Yongin Songdam College,

Jong Jin Moon, Senior President of TOBA Center.


Partnership with City University in Seattle


(r-l)Senior President of TOBA Center (left) at Michael Pastro, President City (right),

exchanging gifts as a commemoration of their partnership at the President's

Office of City University.


Language School for study abroad students

For the students selected at TOBA Center for study abroad programs, language training needed for understanding university courses is given at Language Schools.The foreign universities in affiliation with TOBAcenter will not require TOEFL score for you if you receive certification after studying at the TOBA Language School.


Establishment of TOBA Center

TOBACenter was established as company in 1989. TOBA Institutes registered as a private institute in Seoul, South Korea. It offers language programs and career programs.


An Honorary degree ceremony at Armstrong University







Order of Civil Merit, Camellia Medal, South Korea

The former Honorary Chairman of TOBA received Medal for Educators in Korea from the President of Korea. He is the father of current Senior President of TOBA. A Royal Gift from President, South Korea


Order of Service Merit, South Korea



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