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Partnership between TOBA Center and Illinois Institute of Technology(IIT) in Chicago

The TOBA Center was an overseas study center authorized to represent IIT in South Korea. IIT recommended that Korean applicants use the services of the TOBA Center. TOBA Students who apply for admission to IIT through the TOBA Center had certain advantages. TOBA applicants submitted their applications to the TOBA Center, Seoul. They were guaranteed an interview with the IIT admission representative authorized by the IIT Provost and Vice President. Darsh T. Wasan, Provost Vice President of IIT, also came to TOBA Institute and conducted the interview for the students. He selected outstanding our students and admitted them to IIT.


Darsh T. Wasan, Provost Vice President of IIT visited TOBA Design school,TOBA Language School, and TOBA Institutes in Seoul.

Also, Mr. Wasan conducted an informal discussion to TOBA Students.


Speech by Darsh T. Wasan, Vice President of Illinois Institute of Technology.


Darsh T. Wasan, Provost and Vice President IIT (on the right) Provost Darsh T. Wasan, visited TOBA Design School,TOBA Language School, and TOBA Institutes.


Informal Discussion and meeting by VP Wasan IIT


Plaque presented by Darsh T. Wasan, Vice President

of Illinois to Jong Jin Moon, Senior President TOBA.


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