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TOBA Language School

TOBA will be responsible in selection of applicants in that they are going to sucessfully prepare language training, the prerequisite courses as general education, and other needed. The foreign universities in affiliation with TOBA center will not require TOEFL score for you if you receive certification after studying at the TOBA Language School.


English as a Second Language Program (ESL Program)

ESL program at English Language Center offers a comprehensive set of courses aimed to prepare non-native English speaker students to study English at the american university.


Placement Test

Students will take a placement test  to determine their level. Students with similar English language ability will be grouped together 


Levels of ESL Program: There are four levels in the ESL Program.



 Basic English course prepared for high school graduates and above.


 English course with Intermediate-level speaking, listening, reading, writing classes


 English course with high intermediate-level speaking, listening, reading, writing classes


 English course with advanced-level speaking, listening, reading, writing classes. Level 4 is often repeated by students who are in advanced level but require further language studies for their intended majors. After completing Level 4, most students are ready to begin their general study at a university.



End of program Evaluation

The Level Achievement Test is given to each student at the end of level 4 to evaluate progress. Student achievement in coursework and tests is recorded on an official evaluation document


Certificate of Participation

Students will be awarded Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of the ESL Program.  Colleges will not require TOEFL exam for the students if they have received certification after studying at TOBA language school


Session Date


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 Spring I, 2020

 Tues, Jan 3

 Wed, Jan 5

 Mon, Jan8 - Fri,Feb22

 Summer 1, 2020

 Mon, April 30

 Tues, May 1

 Mon, May 7 -

Fri, June 14

 Summer II, 2020

 Mon, June 10

 Fri, June 17

 Tues, June 19 -

Fri, Jul 27

 Fall, 2019

 Mon, August 27

 Fri, August 30

 Mon, September 3- Fri, December 21



Address:Victoria 1209, 327 Teheran-Ro, Kangnam-Gu,Seoul 06150, South Korea
TEL:02-564-5145, FAX:02-527-3463
Victoria 1209, 705-1, Yuksam-Dong, Kangnam-Gu,Seoul 135-709, South Korea
TEL:02-564-5145, FAX:02-527-3463

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