Live Interactive Satellite TV Systems

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Live Interactive Satellite TV Systems

Live Interactive Satellite TV Systems

Live Interactive Satellite TV Systems



TOBA’s extensive working in live interactive communications and broadcast systems involves developments in local and networks, wide areas, wireless technology, and alive interactive satellite digital Video Audio. This working has far reaching uses to many institutions such as high schools, universities/colleges, big companies, and government agencies.


We have a technical research which is excellence, providing live audio/video streaming and networking systems that serve as a resource for designing and applying advanced networking, a distributing high quality, and distributed information systems technologies.


Live Interactive Broadcasting Systems

TOBA specializes in developing applications focused on digital video/audio conference technology, solutions, equipment, and networking. Retaining new technologies, applications, and procedures for the use of interactive services in digital video/audio control such as Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast, TOBA allows for enhanced safety and increased throughput.

TOBA is a pioneer in South Korea with respect to adopting the Live Interactive Broadcasting Systems, which makes it feasible in that you can teach a class within your institutes across your local areas, or around the world. TOBA’s live satellite TV based on broadcasting systems are easy to use, and offer you the advanced equipment in your live interactive satellite broadcast programs you use on your TV or your mobile devices. We offer our clients an online source for all their live interactive satellite video/Audio seminar and conference systems. This includes Video/ Audio seminar, conferencing solutions, Forum, Networking, Bridging, Editing, and Streaming. 


TOBA’s Contents  

Live Interactive Satellite Broadcasting 

Live interactive online streaming

Signal Processing Advanced Digital interactive Communications Advanced Video Audio Control Technical Systems and Networks Live Interactive Collaborative Live Broadcasting

Live Interactive TV equipment Control


Offering direct interactive satellite education broadcast programs of TOBA to several high schools, universities, big companies, and government agencies in South Korea


I.Modern Manufacturing Technology Series






 II. Leadership in the Interactive Age



  III. Object-Oriented Programming






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