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Messages from Vice President


Welcome !


We, the TOBA Board of Directors, staff, and administration, are committed in our efforts to search for the best programs for our International Education Program.

Our vision is to be an educational leader in providing study abroad programs and live interactive satellite audio/video conference systems, in our unique TOBA-based environment.


For twenty eight years, TOBA has successfully developed our International Education Programs for high schools, colleges/universities, corporations, and government agencies in South Korea using live interactive satellite audio/video broadcast systems with American universities.


TOBA's International Education Program, in cooperation with American universities and Seoul Jinseon Girls’ High School, have successfully deployed more than 10 classrooms with live interactive satellite broadcast systems for their curriculum. Moreover, we have successfully created additional International Education Programs for the following Korean Universities: University of Seoul, Dankook UniversityShinsung University, and Yong-In Songdam College. TOBA in cooperation with Samsung Group, Ssangyong Motor, and Hyundai Electronics, developed live interactive satellite programs for continuing educational courses for their employees.


We are constantly striving to improve our International Education Program through assessment and guidance. TOBA has already become a leader in our field with development and cooperation with our partners in the American institutions. Our goal for students is to create a curriculum based on our International Education Program online, without the cost and sacrifices of traveling abroad for a superior educational experience.


My experiences have proven to be an asset for the programs I have overseen.  I have been awarded government scholarships to study abroad in the United States four times. I was able to graduate from a military school in the United States with a degree in Electronic Engineering and received an award for academic excellence from the President of Association of The United States Army in Washington, D.C., as well as receiving an Honorary Citizen Award from the Mayor of Huntsville, Alabama.


My experience in studying abroad has given me a unique perspective on the process of going overseas to study. It would be my pleasure to share my insights with students, who wish to pursue a study

abroad program.   


Our consulting staff at TOBA excel in global education and we hope that we can offer solutions to your educational needs in the near future. We are excited to have you here.

See you at TOBA soon.





HS Park

Vice President for International Educational Programs(명예직)

TOBA Center





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TEL:02-564-5145, FAX:02-527-3463

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