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Online Degree Program

Online Degree Program



TOBA made partnership with American Universities and developed Online Degree Program which was initially done by computer to Live Satellite Broadcasting System. Using this system TOBA made Online Degree Program possible for students. Many students at TOBA received degrees via this Online Degree Programs. TOBA is one of the most competitive institutes in Korea that offers online program, with around 1,000 students registered TOBA’s website for this program. TOBA has made been continuously developing this program making students not only to watch videos on their computer but also via mobile.


TOBA's website with around 1,000 students registered is available here: (



Universities below offer the following degree programs.


 A). Online Programs: New York Institute of Technology






Professor at NYIT, giving a special course seminar in Korea during the summer vacation TOBA students participated in online master degree program at Madonna University.


B). Partnership between TOBA and Madonna University covered on international education section of MU official Newsletter.



C). Online Program for City University


Partnership between the TOBA Center and City University of Seattle:

The TOBA Center is the only overseas study center that is authorized to represent City University of Seattle in Korea. City University of Seattle recommended that Korean applicants use the services of the TOBA Center. Students who apply for admission to City University of Seattle through the TOBA Center have certain advantages. TOBA applicants receive application forms directly from the TOBA Center, and they submit their applications to the TOBA Center in Seoul.

 After TOBA established with City University a mutual cooperative agreement for the off-campus degree programs for TOBA students. City University opened their TOBA in Korea.


The degree programs are focused on, MBA, BA in Business Administration.


Excerpt from Agreement between City University and TOBA



(left photo) Senior President of TOBA Center (left) and Michael Pastro of President City University(right) , 

exchanging gifts as a commemoration of their partnership at the President's Office of City University.



D). Online Programs from University of Souh Africa(Public)




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