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1. Study Abroad Program

Our constant dedication to offering the best possible services to our students means we offer comprehensive advice and support at every stage of your application process. From essential pre-departure information to settling in, our full range of services are designed for the needs of international students in mind. TOBA has already built partnership with many universities, and helps students get admitted to those universities. This program is for the students who want to study abroad until graduation at the university campuses. 


2. TOBA Online Degree Program

TOBA made partnership with American Universities and developed Online Degree Program which was initially done by computer to Live Satellite Broadcasting System. Using this system TOBA made Online Degree Program possible for students. Many students at TOBA received degrees via this Online Degree Program.TOBA is one of the most competitive institutes in Korea that offers online program, with around 1,000 students registered for this program. TOBA has made been continuously developing this program making students not only to watch videos on their computer but also via cellphones.


3. Live Interactive Satellite TV System

TOBA specializes in developing applications focused on digital video/audio conference technology, solutions, equipment, and networking. Retaining new technologies, applications, and procedures for the use of interactive services in digital video/audio control such as Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast, TOBA allows for enhanced safety and increased throughput.

TOBA is a pioneer in South Korea with respect to adopting the Live Interactive Broadcasting Systems, which makes it feasible in that you can teach a class within your institutes across your local areas, or around the world. TOBA’s live satellite TV based on broadcasting systems are easy to use, and offer you the advanced equipment in your live interactive satellite broadcast programs you use on your TV or your mobile devices.

We offer our clients an online source for all their live interactive satellite video/Audio seminar and conference systems. This includes Video/Audio seminar, conferencing solutions, Forum, Networking, Bridging, Editing, and Streaming. 


4. Language School

TOBA will be responsible in selection of applicants in that they are going to sucessfully prepare language training, the prerequisite courses as general education, and other needed. The foreign universities in affiliation with TOBA center will not require TOEFL score for you if you receive certification after studying at the TOBA Language School.



5. Art Language School

Through a partnership between TOBA Center and Parsons School of Design in New York City, the Art Language School was founded. The Art Language School was created to prepare Korean students for their studies at Parsons School of Design in New York City, and has done so successfully through the carefully planned curriculum designed by both Parsons and TOBA. In Seoul, twice a year, both groups participate in the selection of

the Korean students who are to study at Parsons School of Design. Charles S. Olton, Dean of Art Language School, handed the curriculum and teaching materials to the TOBA's Art Language School.


Korean Art Language Instruction Kit


6. Institutes

TOBA students who apply for admission to foreign university through the TOBA and study at the TOBA have many advantages: TOBA will be responsible in selection of applicants in that they are going to sucessfully prepare language training, the prerequisite courses as general education, and other needed. We will encourage you to get a scholarship from the foreign university you applied once you deserve to have it. 

High School Graduates, and college graduates study this program for finding jobs. Not only that people with occupations also study this program for better career opportunities like promotions and transfers to higher paying jobs.


7. Between Korean Universities and International Universities

TOBA developed and conducted exchange programs between Korean universities and International universities. The examples of the exchange programs are 1+1,1+3, 2+2,and 3+1 programs.


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