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Study Abroad Program

Study Abroad Program

TOBA Study Abroad Programs

Guidance and advice at every stage of the application process




Our constant dedication to offering the best possible services to our students means we offer comprehensive advice and support at every stage of your application process. From essential pre-departure information to settling in, our full range of services are designed for the needs of international students in mind.


Determining the route that’s right for you and your parent. Each student has different strengths and requirements and whether you want to study English Language in the US or undergraduate and graduate degree in the US, we will help to find the right academic route for you. The services of my office will always be available to you for whatever assistance you require.


We advise our students on:

★ University choice in the US

★ English language training program after the English placement test

★ Financial support 

★ I-20 and Admission letter in the USA

★ Course studying requirements for General education

★ Enrollment and tuition fees

★ Residence Hall reservation and F-1 VISA advice 

★ Free airport pickup at the US airport upon your arrival International Airport Services


We offer full support at every stage of the process. From ensuring that you have the documentation for assistance when you first arrive in US airport, our services are designed to respond to any concerns you might have.


We offer our students advice on:

★ Student credentials and documents evaluation

★ Course transfer

★ Pre-departure and induction

★ International airport transfers

★ Pickup systems from airport to residence hall

★ New International Students Orientation



TOBA are committed to developing our relationships with high schools, government sponsors, and partner’s Institutes. We believe our partnerships with more than 30 institutes in the USA allow our students a wide range of options for studying abroad and significantly increase their chances of admission. Our collaborative approach grants us a detailed insight into each institutes application process and ensures that we promote high quality international universities to our students.



TOBA will be responsible in selection of applicants in that they are going to successfully prepare language training, the prerequisite courses as general education, and other needed. TOBA sends many students to US Universities every year.


Why should you choose TOBA?

We offer education for the selected students and prepare them so that they can fully adjust at their new universities. When we select our students, we carefully choose the students with the biggest probability for success in the US. The things we consider when selecting our students are: study ability, finance, GPA, school life, and ability to adapt and fit into American Universities. We are recommend our students the right institutions for them. From introductory English language courses to foundation degrees and post courses, partnering with a range of institutions allows us to place our students according to their individual needs.


We can offer partner institutions a range of benefits:

★ We channel students to you by carefully assessing their needs against your institution.

★ Promote your university/college as an ideal destination for international students via TOBA abroad

★ We offer up-to-date Visa advice and ensure all of our students have the needed documentation for embassy in place

★ We assist with every stage of the application process, including statement of purpose/personal statement writing

★ We prepare everything on time until students safely arrive at their university residence halls.

Address:Victoria 1209, 327 Teheran-Ro, Kangnam-Gu,Seoul 06150, South Korea
TEL:02-564-5145, FAX:02-527-3463
Victoria 1209, 705-1, Yuksam-Dong, Kangnam-Gu,Seoul 135-709, South Korea
TEL:02-564-5145, FAX:02-527-3463

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