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Voices from Students

Voices from Students

Voices from Students


I. From International Students:

US army soldiers, their families, and office workers that reside in Korea consulted to TOBA Center and got accepted to universities in partnership with TOBA Center.


Following are the words of appreciation written by the following students that visited TOBA: 




II. From Korean Students: 

TOBA institute has been instrumental in my success to studying in the USA. My counselor guided me well from providing the emotional support to successfully getting my visa. Moreover, I was able to enter the school on a scholarship. The ambience at TOBA institute is nice and friendly. I felt confident the first time I stepped into it and I faced no problems during the entire process. TOBA institute is truly the best!

SM Moon


TOBA institute has been a great help in preparing my overseas education. They worked closely with me from the beginning and updated my application status on time. I would strongly recommend TOBA service to anyone with the dream of studying abroad. With the help of TOBA institute, my visa application and additional processes have been possible.

MH Kim


By participating in the TOBA program, I was able to receive a degree, and got a full time job at Manhattan right after finishing a year of paid industry placement. TOBA institute has made all of this possible.

SY Kim


Participating in TOBA program has been a great luck for me. I was able to fill my deficiencies at TOBA institute and successfully graduated and got a job.

SJ Kim


TOBA has been a successful guide in my employment. I would strongly recommend TOBA to any students with the dream of studying abroad.

KH Lee


Using TOBA, I participated in University of South Africa (UNISA)'s Online Program. Consultation at TOBA will lead to a path of success.

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Victoria 1209, 705-1, Yuksam-Dong, Kangnam-Gu,Seoul 135-709, South Korea
TEL:02-564-5145, FAX:02-527-3463

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