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International High school Programs

International High school Programs

TOBA Broadcasted Madonna University's International Business Program to Stevenson, Franklin, and Churchill High School(all in Michigan) using Live Interactive Satellite Education Broadcast Program.


A professor at Madonna University conducted the live interactive satellite international business education program at Madonna campus, Michigan, and transmitted to TOBA satellite station in Korea. Madonna University in Michigan and three of high schools in US fully participated in TOBA’s international education programs. In this program experts whom TOBA recommended lectured. The experts were business expert professors and government PR officers from Korea. This program was broadcasted annually for five years at set time by MU. Sister Mary Francilene, President of Madonna, offered an international degree program which TOBA students could earn their degrees through the interactive live broadcast system of TOBA. This special off-campus program made it possible that TOBA students earned Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Administration by the online without going to Madonna University campus in Livonia, Michigan.


However, the tuition for the online degree program was equal to that of the study abroad program. The students of TOBA requested reduction in the tuition price for online degree program, which was declined by the MU. Thus, this program was discontinued only after three semesters.


(left) Studio being live broadcasted from Madonna University to TOBA Seoul,

(Center) Stevenson, Franklin, Churchill High Schools in Livonia, MI. (right) TOBA in Seoul.


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